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Restoring only newest versions when using file/folder search

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Hi all!


First: We are using German Retrospect 8.1 (626) on an Intel Mac (both server and client) under 10.6.2.


In earlier Retrospect versions it was possible to only restore the newest file versions when retrieving them via file/folder search. With the current version I cannot find a similar option.


When I use Restore > Search for Files in selected Media Sets, the results of a search (e.g. folder name is ...) include all versions of the files ever backed up. In most cases I just want the latest versions to be restored. How can I achieve this automatically???


Additionally, in the German localization of the file/folder search there appear to be some glitches. For example, I cannot search for special characters in file/folder names (German umlauts or other special chars). When I search for a folder containing "Geschäftsjahr", Retrospect won't find anything; using "ftsjahr" instead, Retrospect finds "Geschäftsjahr 2010" or others ...


Thank you in advance! Cheers,


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