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Re: trospect 8.1 can't see any clients

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We have seen this issue on most of our installations. The client backups are skipped and searching for the clients fails when in the Retrospect 8 console.


Stopping and starting has worked on some of the time, but then the problem re-occurs and we stop seeing the client systems again. We are a VAR and have worked with Retrospect for many years but we'll have to go with another product if this problem cannot be resolved.


This is a major issue because we cannot rely on the client systems being backed up. Local volumes work fine.

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Are the clients at the login screen when they can't be seen by the engine?


I've had this problem *rarely* -- but I've seen that behavior. Once the clients log in, then they are seen by the engine (or if the clients reboot -- even if they reboot to the login screen and stay there -- that seems to fix the problem.)


It's not 100% reproducible for me, though, so it's hard to debug why the client is losing the ability to be seen when a user logs out...

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