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Assertion failure on Mac Client backup

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This has been a persistent problem since v. 6 came out:The windows server scans the Mac client volume successfuly but then dies with "Assertion failure" in the middle of the backup. The software simply crashes. Some data was written to the backup set but nothing is recorded in the catalog.


Based on some advice on this forum, I was able to set up selectors to get around this problem but it has now returned.


The culprit seems to be Norton security applications (Antivirus, Firewall...) - the latest version, updated to work on MacOS 10.2.




The following appears to be a deadly combination:


- latest version of Backup Pro (6.0) on Windows


- latest version of Mac client (5.0536), MacOSs X


- and the latest version of Symantec software (8.0.3 antivirus, 7.0.2 NU, 7.0.1? firewall


backing up the Mac boot volume




Has anyone at Dantz (or outside) tested this pretty standard combination?







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Yes it does go away. Hardly a solution, though...


As a matter of fact, with the previous version of Norton, I was able to get around it with a selector defined here in one of earlier posts on the subject. But with the new version, the assertion failure returned, even with the selector.

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I am also having assert failures with almost the same combination of software versions you describe:


Retrospect Mac client 5.0.528


Retrospect Multiserver 6.0.206


Symantec 8.0.3 antivirus on the Mac.




The assert is:


"Assertion failure at "hfslvtree.cpp-278"




After the assert, the catalog on the server is out of sync and must be repaired.


Is this the same failure you saw?




What did you disable on the Macintosh side to make the backups run? NAV, utilities?





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