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Incomplete LTO tape usage in R8

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Since switching to Retrospect 8 we've been noticing that our LTO tape usage has increased dramatically. Looking closer at the media set usage, it appears that R8 is not filling up the tapes as it did with v 6.1.



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That is bummer news. I'm about to order an LTO-4 library, and I was hoping I would at least be getting similar performance to the hardware compression I was getting with an older LTO-3 library using Retrospect 6.


Expecting at least 820-850GB per tape, seeing your list is definitely worrisome, since it looks like you're not even getting 800+ reliably.


I'm hoping to hear a response to this as well, since while I understand that I won't get anywhere near "full" compressed capacity without turning on software compression, it would be nice to have some confidence that hardware compression will get me at least 800GB per tape.


Best of luck.

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