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Red box with numbers?

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Thanks for answering my question about the red box.


In my previous post I asked about a Disaster Recovery CD I had made. Have you made one? See attachment for what was on the one I made. Am I posting this question in the wrong forum as the only answer I got ignored this part of the post?


In the past I have been very successful using Disaster Recovery media to Boot up then recover everything using old Seagate tape and software and also other software with DVDs. I have never been confronted with the necessity to do this with the Retrospect backups I have been using for 4 or 5 years. Only recovering individual files/folders.


After reading your recent posts I am very concerned about their reliability.







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Hi Bill,


I'd suggest you start another thread with this, or find one that's focused on the DR disc.


I created mine, but have not tested it. I could never get DR to work on my old PC with 7.6; although the system appeared to be rebuilt from the restore procedure, logging into Windows produced an immediate shutdown. I finally had to reinstall Win XP from scratch and reinstall all programs, only trusting Retrospect 7.6 to recover data files.


Given other anomalies with 7.7, it's probably a good idea to do a DR "drill" to test whether the system can truly be restored with Retrospect. And that means testing all user accounts on the restored box.



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