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ansiByte Error 92?

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Retrospect is working fine for us on a fresh 10.6.2 server.


However, on one of the backup clients (a file server) it always comes up with this message in the log:


ansiBytes:wcsrtombs failed to convert multibyte format: err 92


Anyone know what that means? I assume it's probably a specific file that's named a certain way that is causing a problem, but I can't seem to get any more detail.

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Did anyone in the know read this? I can find no other reference to the "ansiBytes err 92" problem and see no explanation here or anywhere.


I see this error extensively in the backups of my 35 clients. Could someone please explain what this error means?


I am using Retrospect 8.1.626 in Leopard, running on an Intel MacPro, backing up 35+ Intel MacPros.

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