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version 7.7: *.MDF files getting backed up as files

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On our tests with Retrospect 7.7 and backing up MSSQL databases on Windows Server 2008/x64, we are noticing that even when the database is backed up via the SQL Server agent, our custom database *.mdf files are backed up a second time as files. I know that the Master, Model, and MSDB databases are backed up as files even when using the SQL Server Agent, but on previous versions of Retrospect, any other databases were backed up using the agent, and the *.mdf files were skipped when doing a file backup.


This is not a problem per se as it does not affect restore accuracy, but it does increase backup storage needs as databases are in effect backed up twice.


I'm working with EMC tech support on this issue, as they tell me that this is not expected behavior.

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