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Vista User Account Control blocks Retrospect Express HD v2.5 after log in

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I'm using an IOMEGA Network Hard Drive.

Both on my desktop and laptop I have Retrospect Express HD v2.5.113. Both with the same problem. When Vista UAC is switched on, I'm getting two popups to allow elevation of the Retrospect application that wants to launch after log in. Both PC's are using a single log in which both have admin rights. I've tried reinstalling the app and running the app under "XPSP2-compatibility mode". Nothing helps.

Only when I turn of UAC, obviously the popups disappear, only to be replaced by another one telling me UAC is turned off. Less annoying but not funny.

I did uninstall Mosy, because I didn't want that.

I have found several people faced with this problem, but no solutions work for me. Please help.

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