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Retro8 Log Analyser

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This looks really great, but when I import my log data, the date fields are all blank. Am I doing something wrong? R8LA version 1.2.1, Retrospect 8 version 8.2.0 (399). Thanks.

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I think 1.2.1 has some problems with Retro 8.2.


I've attached a beta of RetroLogAnalyser 1.2.2. I'm not quite done testing it fully yet, but it should be ok. Give it a try. (This version requires you to have Filemaker 10 or 11.) I'll be posting the official update soon, with the Filemaker Runtime so that you don't need to own Filemaker, but this will hopefully tide you over.

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Download the Runtime or the Source Code file from the Lintburger Software Page.


New in Version 1.2.2 (Sep 29, 2010)


  • Made more compatible with Retrospect 8.2 Log format, especially date time parsing.
  • Compiled as a Filemaker 11 Runtime. Source Code still works with Filemaker 10.
  • Charting: Integrated the Date display on the main chart webviewer so you don't have to syncro-scroll the graph with the date labels.
  • Executive Events List View: Added a Summary Only view, with a percentage of Total summary calculation, to allow you to more easily figure out which Machines are eating up what amounts of data.
  • Created an Applescript Applet to automate the process of getting Log Data from Retrospect to the Filemaker Database. Cron the launching of "Automate Import Runtime.app" to make it super automatic. May not work if you have a locked screensaver running on your machine. Source Code provided as a .scpt file, in case you want to make modifications.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


Remember: to import your old data into the new file or Runtime, pull down the "Scripts" menu and select the "Import from an Older Copy of Retro8LogAnalyser" command.


Let me know if there's any problems with the new version.


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