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How to edit filters?

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The rudimentary file filter selection with options such as "all files exept cache" does not cut it for me. Both Paralells and Fusion create very big files in the user folder. Thn we have all the mp3, wav and many other files I do not want to clog up the backup with.


I really need more exclusion based on both file name and folder name

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They are called Rules in Retro, at least I assume that is what you mean?


Speaking of Rules, I have edited a rule to filter out cache files, and asl log files as well as other miscellaneous PubSub and RSS feed files that might download during (to me at least) the backup process.


These items all might produce errors on Retro logs when the file pops up during a backup and then disappears. I see no reason to restore them. Just me.


You may find this a handy sample script. There is unfortunately little ability to test rules or share these scripts other than screen shots in the current version of Retro. FWIW, it is attached.

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