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Can't open HD Express

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I use a Gateway laptop with Windows XP, Home Edition Version 2002 with Service Pack 2. Retrospect HD Express Version 1.0.196.


I recently downloaded a utility program update but it didn't work properly. After contacting the owner and not being able to fix the problem I tried system restore. I got a message that nothing after the date I chose could be reversed because the drive was excluded from system restore monitoring or was turned off or removed.

When I reboot the system the HD Express screen come up asking for my password then another box opens and confirms I unlocked the program. However, when I open HD Express the box says the system is "Updating Status" " 0 Restore Points available" but nothing is happening with the Maxtor drive and I left it for 20 minutes and nothing changed. The only button I can use is the Setup button but nothing happens when I click on it.


When I open My Computer it shows the Maxtor drive is 189 GB and has 72.9 GB of free space. Clicking on View System Information then System Restore shows the Maxtor Drive is offline.


How can I get the drive back online and access the information to restore my program?





PS - I am low tech so any response needs to be in computer baby talk.

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For one thing you are using a super old version of the program. At the least, contact the hardware company and request the 1.1 edition. 2.5 is the current version.

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