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connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 111

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Just installed retroclient on a ubuntu 8.04.3 32bit with the Solaris tar client.


Doing a backup completes successfully, but retroclient shows:


1257778579: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 145

connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 111


Should I care about this error or just ignore it?





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I got the same error on first backup of a RHEL 5 client. However this backup reported 'execution incomplete'.


The error was also reported in these threads:





...and some others. While several of those threads discuss actual problems, it generally doesn't look like code 111 indicates a major issue, since several people report getting the code and still being backed up.


Based on some more searches, I think that 111 is a tcp-level error meaning "connection refused".

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