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How do you see what is in a backup?

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Since the Retrospect manual is still missing, I am forced to ask what should be a obvious thing.


How the bleep do you see what files are contained in a backup? This was very easy in Retrospect 6.1 and possible even when the media was not present.


This serves two purposes -


1. It lets me confirm a particular file has been successfully backed up which might be uncertain if the backup did not 100% complete.


2. It lets me see if a filter to exclude some files is working. If the files to be excluded have been backed up then the filter obviously did not work.


Related to this is that being able to see the contents of a backup and then mark files to be restored is a much better method than trying to find a file name via a search and tell Retrospect to restore it. The search method (as it appears 8.1 uses) means you might restore a lot more than you want, or might have a slightly wrong name and not restore anything at all.


In the continued absence of a manual it seems from the pathetically inadequate getting started guide that Retrospect 8 is much, much worse than Retrospect 6.1 in this area.




It turns out that the problem(s) were -


i. The current Day Light Savings time bug

ii. The fact that Retrospect spins it wheels for ages before displaying anything (if the above does not strike).


I have now been able to confirm my filter did not work.

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