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Update my Retrospect 7.6.123 EOM but the links under help didn't work.

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I am about to upgrade from Vista to 7 Home premium. I tried to update my Retrospect 7.6.123 EOM but the links under help didn't work. As I started searching I found many user with serious problems when they went to use these backups. I have been using Retrospect for many years since ver. 5 or 6 but have never had a hard disk crash so have never done a recovery and wonder if they would been any good.. I want a very reliable backup before attempting this up grade. Making the backups has worked fine except that the Disaster Recovery CD part has not worked since several years ago during 6. something. I was given the KB about the "ISO file too big" but never found a way to use the CD part.... Does anyone know if that issue has been fixed?...

How can I test whether the backups are good?

Any other comments about what I am planning will be greatly appreciated....


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