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Failure on second backup of Windows clients

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I'm encountering problems backing up Windows clients with b526 running on PPC Tiger Server 10.4.11.


The first (proactive) backup of new Windows source works fine if slowly. Incrementing that backup invariably fails. What happens is that Retrospect scans the Windows client and after completing the scan, the console disconnects from the backup server and the whole thing just starts over again. I have tried on multiple clients running different versions of the Windows client software, i.e. the one used together without problems on 6.1 and the latest one recommended for use with 8.1.


My demo is expiring tomorrow and I can't consider upgrading under these circumstances. I'm sorry to say that version 8 looks like a nice try that doesn't quite make it. Basically it's still beta. I'm relying on Retrospect to backup our network of Macs, Windows and later Linux computers since version 4.3. By and large I was pretty pleased and never encountered similar persistent problems before. I have to stick to 6.1 for the time being.

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We have another version being released next week. I would suggest giving it another try with that version.


It sounds like you are getting a respawning crash. The OS Console will contain crash logs usually for this.

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