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Express: User tip for after latest round of Windows XP automatic updates

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If, like me, your system tray icon no longer displays after Windows updates itself, the fix is as follows:


1) Open Retrospect Express

2) Go to Configure: Preferences

3) Select "Startup" under the Execution Preferences

4) Unclick the option for "Show Taskbar Icon" and click "OK" button

5) Close Retrospect Express

6) Reopen Retrospect Express and go back into preferences

7) Click the "Show Taskbar Icon) and click "OK" button.

8) Exit Retrospect Express.


Not sure why Windows and RE don't play well together on this system tray stuff, but the last update from Windows (on 8/23) stopped my automatic backups.


I finally noticed it when I went in to see how my backups were doing. And they weren't.


I figured I better take a closer look after last night's backup and sure enough, RE was somehow toggled "off" again...by Windows.

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