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Recycling glitch?

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I use Retrospect Multiserver 7.6.x and just noticed something very odd. We have different backup sets that run and are written to tape and after written to tape, they recycle. One particular job set, let's call it "Test" for privacy concerns. It occupied about 1.48TB of space. Another, smaller job ran before Test ran cause a proactive backup of Test was running When manually running "Test" later on, I noticed it only wrote about 260GB and then recycled. I noticed this as usually several tapes, tape 8 is next when the job is done. Still on tape 6 though. I should mention that YESTERDAY in the morning Retrospect crashed but these two particular tape set jobs were not even scheduled at that time.


The other tape set, "Test 2" was approximately 500GB, I had purposely canceled this one to let Test run first. After, I ran Test 2 and the log shows 8.9GB written to tape and successfully recycled?! Test2 did run before Test early yesterday but just briefly, probably for like 10 minutes because I canceled it.


Is this a recycling glitch? This is not good! I hope my writing of "Test" and "Test 2" aren't too confusing, I'm just trying to provide privacy.





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