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Question regarding duplicating source

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I just got this software and I've created a new directory on the destination drive to duplicate all files in My Documents. Then, I've deleted a bunch of files in My Documents that I don't want to keep on my internal drive since they take up too much space but I don't want to loose them from my 1 TB Iomega destination drive. If I perform another "duplication" to backup the new documents I've just created in My Documents, will the software actually sync the two drives such that files deleted on the source will also be deleted on the destination? Hope not. I'm hoping it will simply copy over the new files to the destination drive without deleting any files from the destination drive.



I'm using Retrospect Express 7.6.123

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Retrospect is not file synchronization software. It is software designed to make the destination identical to the source.


if you delete an item fro the source after you have performed a duplicate, it will be deleted from the destination (by default) during the next duplicate

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