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Windows EventType : clr20r3

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I've installed Restrospect Express 2.5 with my IOMEGA StorCenter and IOMEGA Software.

Retrospect won't launch correctly. The splash

screen appears and then the product crashes with

a window which wants to send the informations

to microsoft.

I've downloaded the latest version in english and installed it after removing the older one (+reboot).

The problem is the same.

Here are some informations about the error :

EventType: clr20r3 P1:retroexpress.exe P2: P3:487e4acd P4:retroexpress P5: P6:487e4acd

P7: 448 P8:55b P9:system.nullreferenceexception

Could some one tell me were is the problem ?

and what should I do ?

Note : The StorCenter is accessible on the LAN.


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