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Exchange 2007 Backup Failing

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Version 7.6.123

Hot fix, version



Latest version available from the website


We were able to get one successful backup, but since then we receive the following error once it gets nearly done with the First Storage Group:


T-97: >>>HrESEBackupGetLogAndPatchFiles (0fd483d67) --

T-97: main: transaction terminated by PDS exception

Trouble reading files, error -523 (service transaction error)


This occured at 4:50 PM, and this is the only event log I can find: MSExchangeIS (7148) First Storage Group: The backup has been stopped because it was halted by the client or the connection with the client failed.


And then when it tries to backup the Second Storage Group:


Can't access volume Second Storage Group on SERVER, error -557 (transaction already complete)


Any ideas? We can't seem to get a good backup of this server now.

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Restarting the exchange server should fix the -557 error. I don't know why the backup failed in the first place.

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So after a reboot I a backup completed successfully. However on the 2nd backup the same behavior started again. It fails at the end of backing up the first storage group and then in this case was able to back up the second storage group.

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