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Backs up All files every time??

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Hey Everyone,

I'm using Pro version 7.6.111


My problem is that for some reason retrospect seems to be doing a complete backup every time.


I have set up an alias for a computer. (Computer1)

I have selected all the folders I wish to back up and placed them within the alias. I ran the backup today and it backed up all the files. (in the first folder there are 1832 files, so i'm using this to compare.) I figured it was because I had changed permissions on the C drive of computer 1 so therefor it was going to back up everything. 2 hours later Everything was backed up so I ran the script again. It started copying all 1832 files again. I don't understand why it's doing this, it doesn't do it with other machines or scripts. Just this one. Any ideas? Is there more information I can provide that would help?

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