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"Waiting" tab only allows one item at a time for selection.

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This might be a 'feature request'... sorry if it is mis-categorized.


This morning I came in to find that 68 jobs were 'waiting' to run because a remote-Windows-share that Retrospect was writing to (using all of its available simultaneous runs) was on a box that got rebooted last week mid-backup. Instead of sending mail Retrospect sent up argument prompts looking for the login and password information for the (temporarily) missing share.


Rather than try to slog through the jobs from last week I decided just to remove all of the waiting jobs, cut my losses, and let Retrospect pickup from there. This was cumbersome because under the "Waiting" tab shift-click or ctrl-click does not appear to highlight more than one object. I had to click each job, then "Delete", then "OK" then wait.


I am looking for a "Forget All" or "Forget Selected" option.



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