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Topic Split: Latest Issue - Can't communicate

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Has anyone come up with a answer for this issue? I have a server running OS 10..5.6 and has been for a while. Also running Retro 8.0.6081 since it was available as an upgrade. Had been running Windows backups (5) only for a few days. All showed up and are fine and backup up for a few days.


Yesterday I noticed that all the backups of the PC's failed yesterday and today. Went and looked and all the PC no longer show up and clients. I tried to reinstall one of the clients and still does not show up.


The only thing that has changed is I added a few other scripts and backups of local folders and drives. I had a few issues adding them and did one restart of the server and finished the setup of these scripts. They ran fine the two nights in a row.


Even though the window clients are gone the old OS 9 clients are still listed as on the network. I know that they are not supported but they do still show as available.


What steps or things can I try to fix this. It seems like there are quite a few people who are having this issue.



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(split topic)


When this problem first cropped up for me, i was running 10.4 server, and the "restart" retrospect engine didn't do anything in that OS. If I rebooted enough times the clients would show up again.


After upgrading to 10.5.6 I can restart the engine from system preferences, but I haven't gotten the clients to show up for any length of time.


I'll be curious to see if yours stays working.

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Cross posting in this split thread, since I muddied this one up:


Ok, might have figure out what my problem was.




The clients need to be able to find the server by the DNS. We needed a record in DNS for the server and a reverse lookup.


Once we added those records, I can see Sources. Now, I'll cross my fingers and see if I continue to see them after I get these scripts built.



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