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Retrospect shows tape in slot 2 as "unknown" 2 weeks in a row

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At my work, we use Retrospect Multi-server 7.6.123 and last week and this week I've noticed something odd and I can't believe they are both bad tapes or going bad. Each week we run file backups, 8 tapes used for that, then sql backups which are in the right magazine. In the left magazine, library slots 1-8, the tape in slot 2 last week when jobs were writing to tape I noticed it wanted to select new media, it had the tape in drive 2 read as "unknown" or something similar. This week, when putting week 1 tapes in, when everything initalized, all tapes were shown, including the drive in slot 2, Tape 2- and it's label there too. I've noticed as of right now, the tape in slot 2 is showing unknown. It did write to it this week, I was never prompted to insert a new media or anything.


I've taken a screenshot for proof.




Go to the link below.


What should I do? I find it hard to believe that 2 tapes are going bad, all the tapes have labels on them, tapes are all LT03 tapes. We use 400GB tapes with compression can be up to 800GB per tape.





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Let me add that I just moved the tape from slot 2 to slot 13 in the right magazine where sql tapes usually are, and it stills says unknown. I moved it back to slot 2, unknown again. Then moved from slot 2 to the drive and it sees it as Tape Week 2!??????????

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