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Easier way of "bumping" scripts' execution

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I would like to see an easier way of "bumping" a script or scripts by a custom amount of time. For example:


1. I have eight scripts that are set to execute one week apart.

2. I want to add a new script into the mix.

3. I now have to modify each script by one week to fold the new script into the mix.


What we would be nice is if I could bump all scripts' execution at one time by one week to more easily incorporate the new, ninth script.

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OK...just thought of this:


1. How about adding a new feature, called, say, Script Groups.


2. Various scripts could be added to these Script Groups. For example, let's say that we have scripts A, B, C, and D added to Script Group "Weekly".


3. A global attribute could be set for "Weekly" stating how often each script should be run in relation to each other. For example, we could tell Retrospect to place one week between each member script. Script A runs this week, script B runs next week, script C runs the week after that, and script D runs the following week. We then start over with script A the next week.


4. Now let's say that I add another script, script E to the Script Group "Weekly". Since this Script Group automatically spaces out each script by one week between each member script, script E is automatically scheduled in, and dates on the other scripts are automatically adjusted to make a five week span instead of four.


5. Now let's say that we want to space each script out by two weeks. We could edit the properties on "Weekly" so that each member runs two weeks apart instead of one.


This would make my life easier.



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