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Better restoring of Domain Controllers

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When restoring domain controllers, Microsoft has ways of merging older data from a domain controller restore into the current domain. Retrospect does not. Case in point: we did a test Retrospect restore of an old backup of a domain controller (two months old), and after a successful restore, the other domain controllers refused to "trust" this restored domain controller. The reason: it's domain/directory data was out of date/sync with the rest of the domain. Having a better way to restore old backups of DCs would be very welcome. We do monthly backups of key servers and groom them as needed. However, if we have to restore from a backup made too far in the past, the restore is useless.


I did post something on the forums back in '03 about this very topic:




On a side note, I would also like to see a way for, when restoring a DC, to have the server reboot automatically into Directory Services Restore mode. This would make remote restores (e.g., via VNC) much easier when the F8 key does not translate properly (as in when I'm remoted in from a Mac).

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