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Trashbox - What is it?

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Does anybody know what the trashbox is in retrospect for Windows? I've got a retrospect folder with all my backup sets in it, but then I have a trashbox folder with older data. I'm guessing it's data that's removed by my backup sets as a safeguard but I don't know. Is there any way to limit the trashbox size? I've looked in the manual and didn't see anything on this. Any help is appreciated!!!

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:taptap: The Trashbox is created by Buffalo Linkstation software. I had a 2TB NAS which I used with Rtrospect and it soon filled up. I had to go in and delete the Retrospect folder within the Trashbox folder which had 1.5 TBs of files I did not want. As Mr Mayoff poins out Retrospect does not create the Retrospect folder. Just delete it and then disable Recycle Bin in Shared Folders on the Buffalo Web Interface.

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