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No Backup Again, No device slots showing

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Again over the weekend it refused to do any of my scheduled backups. It shows in the device panel to insert a tape, but there is no tape slots showing, not even empty ones. I fix this by closing retrospec and reopening it. Then everything shows normally but my backup jobs are all canceled!! So 2 questions.


What setting do I have set to tell it to randomly lose access to the device.


How do I tell it to go ahead with the jobs that failed?

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We have seen this if Retrospect loses communication with the tape drive. This happens when:


1. There is a SCSI issue, such as SCSI termination or a bad cable.

2. The user has issued command on the SCSI tape drive's LCD panel. Retrospect loses communication with the autoloader portion of certain drives in this case. However, if the LCD is cleared back to normal state, the autoloader comes back in Retrospect.


On a side note, do you have all applicable Retrospect updates (especially driver updates) installed on your system? What version are you running? What operating system is running on the Retrospect box?

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Retrospect version 7.6.111

Windows 2003 Server

The tape drive is USB connected

It is running on our Exchange Server


I have done many updates for Retrospect, in fact it is always bugging me about updates, it even is right now. I sorta want to get it in a state that works and then not touch it, I am not a fan of doing software updates all the time, it breaks stuff.


Here is my question now. If it lost communication with the drive (through the USB) then how come it once again had communication after restarting Retrospect. Wouldn't the problem need to be fixed in the communication link if that was the cause? I tried selecting initiate devices over and over and still nothing, it shows the device but not the ports.


Is it possible that if Retrospect losses communication for a moment that it just gives up and never looks for the device again no matter what you do except restarting the entire app.

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