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Host is iMac on 10.4.11 with all updates. Client is Macbook Pro 10.5 with all updates. Host and client run latest versions, reinstalled multiple times. Net Retry on all backup attempts regardless of scope (Users volume, just Desktop folder, etc.) or method (scripted, immediate). Small jobs never get more than a few megs of data. Large jobs never finish scanning. Head hurts.

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Head hurts.


Readers are left wondering:


- What version of the Retrospect application ("latest" is not sufficiently descriptive).

- What version of the RDU file is loading with the application.

- What version of the Retrospect OS X Client software is being used.

- What physical connectivity is being used between Host and Client.

- Which of the other physical connection methods that are supported and provided with modern Macintosh OS X machines have been tried.

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