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Recovery Storage Group Restore Fails 7.6.123

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Restoring to recovery storage groups in Retrospect 7.6.123 Does NOT work.

Overwriting the live storage groups work just fine. But RSG's fail every time with the following error.


+ Executing Restore database from Backup at 2/10/2009 3:30 PM (Execution unit 1)

2/10/2009 3:30:36 PM: Connected to ntexchange-test

To volume First Storage Group on ntexchange-test...


- 2/10/2009 3:30:36 PM: Restoring from Test-Restore

Restore type: Full

T-8: >>>HrESERestoreAddDatabase(0c7fe1f42) -- Database not found.

Trouble writing files, error -3619 (Database not found)

2/10/2009 3:30:55 PM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 2 files, 11.1 MB

Completed: 1 files, 38.1 MB

Performance: 380.2 MB/minute

Duration: 00:00:19 (00:00:12 idle/loading/preparing)


Unless someone can Test this and show otherwise I'd really like everyone to know this doesn't work.


I cant get contact with the support people to save my life so hopefully someone else with a valid support contract can send this in as a bug.


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