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v.6 os file copy error

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Here's the log showing the error, which happened both times I attempted to create the recovery CD:




+ Retrospect version 6.0.206


Launched at 08/16/2002 1:55 PM




+ Executing Prepare for Disaster Recovery at 08/16/2002 1:58 PM


From Backup Set Backup Set A, Snapshot --win2000-- (P:) 08/15/2002 7:53 AM


To CD-ROM image file Restore --WIN2000--.iso...


MapError: unknown Windows error 23


TFile::Read: ReadFile failed, U:\i386\LANG\HWXKOR.DL_, winerr 23, error -1001


File "HWXKOR.DL_": can't read, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)


Trouble writing files, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)


08/16/2002 2:30:18 PM: 2 execution errors




Can't continue execution, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)


Quit at 08/16/2002 3:14 PM






Any suggestion how I may work around this error? Is it a problem with my WindowsXP install CD? (BTW, I am using Windows XP Pro, not Win2000 as appears in the log text -- that is just the name of a folder.)



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OK, I just looked at the Event Viewer. There is no relevant event listed.




I was attempting to create the recovery CD when the problem occured.

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Does it happen every time?


Try pointing to your Win I386 folder on your hard drive instead of on the Cd...see if that makes a difference when creating your ISO image.



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