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Catalogue size limit, even on NTFS?

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Several times now I have had to rebuild my catalogue, by removing the .rbc file. Each time, I noticed it was just under 4GB in size.


Everything on the computer is NTFS - source drive, backup drive, other drives, so there should be no limit to the file size other than disk available (over 500GB).


What happens is that on the backup that would take it over 4gb, it stops working in various ways. The most recent, it just had a series of failed backups - previously some sort of assertion failure and I cannot remember the others.


Also this time, when I tried to remove a restore point, it ignored it - removes it when I click to remove, but then it is still there - so another rebuild is in progress to hopefulyl sort it again.


I am using verison 2.5 of Retrospect Express HD.


Has anyone out there got a .rbc file that is well over 4GB, and has working backups that they can restore from?


Thanks. Jez.

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Good, thank you - maybe its just coincidence and there is a different problem. Still - this problem also happened on my old laptop with a different backup drive - I copied the backup files across to the new external when I changed laptop, and rebuilt the catalogue, and it all was working fine again until it hit 4gb (it had been auto-pruned down somewhere along the way).


It would be good to hear someone out there who has currently got a large catalogue with Express 2.5 HD and is backing up regularly.


The rebuild completed and I could do a backup. Catalogue file now about 3.9gb so I guess I will soon find out if mine will go over 4gb or not.


Maybe coincidence, but just after this backup finished, I got an assert error:

OS: Windows Vista version 6.0 (build 6001), Service Pack 1, (32 bit)

Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Express HD 2.5\retrospect.exe, version 2.5.113

Exception occurred on 25/01/2009 at 00:05:47

Error info: Assertion failure at "memutil.cpp-252"


Not sure if that is important.





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