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Retrospect client does not work with Windows Server 2008 64-bit

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Computer doing the backups:

Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123

Driver Update and Hot Fix


Client computer that is failing:

Windows Server 2008 SP1 64-bit

Retrospect Client 7.6.107


I am able to see and add the client in Retrospect. However after I do that any attempt to access it fails with "Error -530: Backup client not found". Clicking the Tools or Volumes tab in the client properties, trying to browse the client or add subvolumes, nothing works. Occasionally attempting to browse or add subvolumes will cause Retrospect to hang with an hourglass, and no error will appear. The only way to start using Retrospect again is to end task on it and restart it.


On the Windows Server 2008 box, services.msc says the Retrospect client service is running, but if I go to Control Panel and open 32-bit Control Panel Items and try to open the Retrospect Client options, nothing happens. If I right-click on the Retrospect Client icon and choose "Run as...", it will open, but under status it says "Client networking not available, or service not running." and everything is grayed out.


I have seen some other threads about Vista/Server 2008 clients not working properly, it seems like this is probably a bug in the Retrospect Client. Any official word on this?

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Okay, never mind. The machine that has Retrospect on it has multiple NICs. I set it to use the Default one, opposed to a specific card, and it all sprung in to life.....

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