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Remove Update?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to remove an update? I'm thinking about moving to 7.6.123 but i was reading on this forum that someone had problems with the update flaging all their files as changed when only a handful had actually changed. If i update and it causes a bug is it possible to remove the update and go back to the version i was using before?

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uninstall / reinstall prior version.


Some version-to-version updates make changes in the backup set or catalog format such that, once written by the later version, you can't go back. Been there, done that.


You haven't provided any information about what version transitioning you are contemplating.


You might start by reading the release notes - they generally warn about falling back to earlier versions if there is an issue.


Like any contemplated update, surely you test on an isolated testbed before committing your production system, don't you?



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Thanks for the Reply Russ

We are currently on version 7.6.111 and got the update notice for 7.6.123. I did read the release notes about this new update but didn't see anywhere that indicated if I would be able to roll back if I had any problems.


As far as testing the updates, we only have retrospect on one machine, so there isn't much in the way of testing being done.


If you are able to roll back retrospect, how is that done? I don't see anywhere that would say "uninstall update" or something along those lines. I was hoping that there was an easy way to unintall updates. Similar to how windows allows you to uninstall updates for windows through add/remove programs.

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