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Make interface model object oriented

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If I could change Retrospect it be it's basic interface model.


Currently, I regularly create scripts and then choose clients, volumes, selectors, and destination set for that script.


That is, I create a script-object and then it's attributes. No! I don't like this.


In my opinion, Retrospect would be more better if I could create client-objects, instead of script-objects.


That is, I'd add a client, select it's volumes, and have the option to add a selector to each volume.


Now you've got a client-object to drag n' drop into groups and scheduling scripts.


What about backup sets? One option is for Retrospect to create a backup set for me, and name it after the client. I could choose it's destination, size-limit, grooming policy, etc. by applying a class to it. See that?


Sure, there are many details to figure for this schema, especially media issues.


But, really, the client-object model is the user-model. Usability :)


I bet Retrospect would require less user-support than it does currently.


Good Luck!








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