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Help understanding supported clients

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In the system reqs. for Dantz Retrospect Multi Server is says:




"UNIX/Linux Clients


• Intel Pentium class or greater processor


• Red Hat Linux 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, Solaris 8, SunOS 5.8, and other UNIX


• TCP/IP networking"




Couple of questions:




1. With "Intel Pentium" as a requirement, does that mean that Solaris 8 (aka SunOS 5.8) isn't supported on sparcs?




2. What are the "other UNIX"? Does it support FreeBSD for example? Could I run the Linux client under FreeBSD with Linux comptability enabled?






Any info appreciated.





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Solaris Sun Sparc version 8 (Solaris 5.8) is supported.




Can you let me know where you found the above that you wrote? We only support RedHat and Solaris at this point.





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