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SBS storage groups & mailboxes

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Hi - were running Retrospect SBS v7.5.387 on our company server. As an Exchange newbie can I ask some for advice re: backing up mailboxes. Within the Retrospect "sources" we can see a "storage group" and individual mailboxes.


1. What is the difference between the two??


2. Should we be backing up both??


3. Windows seems to store the "storage group" file as a single big file which grows slightly each day. In our instance this means we are chewing up around 3GB of additional storage space every day when doing an incremental backup. Is there a way to grab just the changes and not the whole file??




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The storage group contains all of your mailboxes and exchange data. Mailboxes are the individual mailboxes and all the mail on the server. It is best to back up both items.


3 GB of changes is not very much in todays computing world. You should always allow it to do a full backup of the first storage group when it is this small.

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So could I instead of doing an incremental backup on the storage group and mailboxes - have a separate script which does a daily full backup overwriting the previous day's version?

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