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Create and start scripts for backup sets that are in use

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If a backup set is in use (for example, for a grooming operation), you can't create backup scripts that reference it as a source or destination- an error -843 (resource is in use by another operation) pops up. Creating and editing scripts should be possible regardless of what operations are currently in progress.


Even better, users should always be able to create and start backup scripts for "busy" backup sets... if the backup set isn't available, the script should be put into "waiting" status.

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Indeed, at times I would like to kick off a backup when the destination is in use... it should just be placed in the 'queue' until the drive/tape becomes available.


Instead of this I have to stop all other backups from kicking off and come back to the machine intermittantly until the current backup has finished.


Obviously, being in a queue will enable me to leave the backup server to do its thing in order of the queue.



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