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Change wording for "Groom to Retrospect defined policy"

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Many people, including myself, have misinterpreted the wording for the Retrospect defined grooming policy. In its original form it starts:


"If the disk has enough space available..."


This suggests that retrospect performs disk space checking, is aware of how much space there is on a disk, and whether there is available space on a disk.


This is incorrect, because the retrospect product does NOT check disk space. It DOES check the defined size of the backup set and compares it with the size of the content. It DOES know when the size of the content will exceed the defined size of the backup set. It DOES NOT know that the disk hosting the backup set has zero space available, other than to error out.


Many people have for example a 750GB USB drive, and happily define five or six disk backup sets each using this drive to host it's members, and sizing each member at 700GB. The users naively expect retrospect to auto-balance the available disk space amongst the backup sets, but this doesn't happen, because the product doesn't work this way.



Therefore I respectfully suggest the following wording change:


"If the member has enough space available..."

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