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Bootloader not installing

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Bootloader not installing

Hey everyone.


I finally decided to give Mandriva One a whirl (since I really like PCLOS) and really liked it. So I installed it and rebooted, only to have it auto boot to XP. I rebooted the LiveCD and went to the MCC and tried to reinstall (first it told me no Bootloader was found) so I reinstalled it (using default settings as before) and rebooted. Again, straight to XP.


Whats the problem? PCLOS set up just fine on this machine. The default settings has it going to the hda but what I did find odd was that it didn't find XP by default, I had to 'Add' it into the bootloader menu. But again even then nothing happened. Should I use LiLo instead of GRUB (default)?


Thanks. Any input would greatly help my sanity, since I can't access Mandriva now. I also know about SuperGRUB, but my disc is at home and I'm at work. I'd also like to have the nice Mandriva one (aesthetics...)


So to be clear, there is No GRUB, no LiLo, no nothing. Just a direct boot to XP.


Thanks again.

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