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Migrating to new Hardware

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We are about to replace 100+ machines with new ones. Is there any way to have Retrospect move a profile from one machine to another, or restore a profile to another machine?


In the past we have had the staff person log in once to a machine, then we do a restore of the profile from backup so the staff is all set wit all their settings.


I'm wondering if there is a way to do this without having to require the staff person to sign on first, just click restore profile to X machine..then the person can login.


Possible? Or does this need to be a feature request?




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It's probably just better/simpler to enable Windows XP roaming profiles, this way the profiles automatically get copied to a server and move from machine to machine.

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Yeah, we did have roaming profiles running at one point, but it was somewhat problematic to keep up. Especially for laptops.


It would really be nice for when hardware fails, to be able to restore a user to another machine and that person can just walk away and keep working.

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