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What is Retrospects version of synthetic backup?

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Can someone tell me what Retrospects version of Synthetic backups are? Snapshop transfers? Backupset transfers? Remember seeing it somewhere in some documentation but cant locate it now.

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From the kb glossary:


synthetic full

Transferring all the most current Snapshots copies the most recent Snapshot for each volume(or subvolume) in the active Snapshots list. The result is what EMC calls a “synthetic full†backup. After the transfer, the destination Backup Set contains the same data it would after a full backup, at that point in time, to a new Backup Set. A synthetic full backup is the equivalent of a full backup done at the time of the most recent Snapshots. It does not include files that are new or changed since the date and time of those Snapshots, nor does it include older versions of files contained in non-current Snapshots.

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