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Tape to tape transfer and LTO3 vanishes from the environment.

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We have 2 Quantum LTO3 autoloaders. When transferring data from 1 backupset to another on the second drive unit we get "device not ready" and the second loader disappears from Retrospect 7.5 and also from the windows environment. Device manager does not see it. I have to turn off everything and restart it all for the autoloader to come back. There is nothing in event logs for Windows. When it comes back under media changers it was a exclamation mark and I have to delete and scan for changes. Only appears to happen if writing from 1 drive to another. We can write to each of them concurrently and that also appears to be ok. xTalk says there are no problems with either device or SCSI setup. Anyone seen this before? Win2003 SP 2. Both on the same SCSI chain with no other SCSI devices attached.

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