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Windows xp Pro BSOD eeeek help!!!!

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I've reinstalled SP2 and I still can't find my internal drives and retrospect still doesn't show up anywhere.


Hi again lainWh,


If you are still having this problem can you check disk management in windows? To get there go to Control panel>administrative options>Computer management>Disk management. Chances are your drives are being recognized but not assigned. Make sure that you don't format these drives just mark them as active.



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I've manged to get most of my stuff restored to the way it was. and all my drives are assigned to the drive letters they were before.


My only problem is some of my programs didn't load back up onto the windows desktop after the restore.


All the programs are on the c drive where they should be.


oh yeah why didn't any of my firefox add ons load back up after the restore?

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