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error -1017

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EMC version is 7.5.508 and latest update hotfix. Anyhow, I try to to fix this error -1017 but no luck.


Can't use Open File Backup option for Win2003 (C:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions)


Can't back up IIS Metabase, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)


Any help?



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Mostly this is a post for reference, after having spent HOURS trying to find solution to same error with WinXP. The MS Knowledge base entry was written for Win2003. And most of it applies.




Several points:


1) The -1017, then -1020... and many other errors can occur if there is a problem with the Windows Volume Shadow Service. This service is used to perform open file backups by Retrospect.


2) It is easy to determine if the MS volume shadow service is at fault. To do so, open a command window, [start menu button], then [RUN], enter cmd, then use the vssadmin tool with:


>vssadmin list writers


You should see multiple entries that are simlar but NOT exactly the same as:


Writer name: 'Microsoft Writer (Bootable State)'

Writer Id: {f2436e37-09f5-41af-9b2a-4ca2435dbfd5}

Writer Instance Id: {ac01d675-561d-4185-a96b-4dae010de8cf}

State: [1] Stable


Note the "State -- Stable"


If you get an error 0x8000FFFF, then the knowledge base entry from microsoft will probably help out.


The knowlege base solution from MS will step you through two possible solutions. Their solution is intended for Win2003, but it does indeed work for WinXP with some minor difference.


But first - if you use their procedure - it involves editing the registry - so you are supposed to have a backup... ugh, retrospect isn't working!! So becareful.


Follow steps 1-5 of KB940184.


In step 6, for WinXp you may encounter errors wile restarting the COM+ application, Shadow Copy Provider or Volume Shadow Copy. If so it just means that you will MOST likely need to continue follow the second half of the procedure documented in the KB. (i.e. steps 9 - 11)


But before doing so - verify that the volume shadow service is still broken. You can do so with the vssadmin list writers command noted above. If you get an error you will need to follow steps 9 - 11 in the MS KB. With the caveat for WinXP that you WILL NOT be able to register the "vssui.dll" libary as documented. Tryit, if you get a message that vssui.dll does not exist - that is okay -- WinXP remember - NOT Win2003. DO NOT try downloading and adding the vssui.dll to a WinXP workstation - that is asking for problems... just skip and go on. When done with the items listed in the step 9 of the KB, you can verify that the problem is fixed by doing the "vssadmin list writers".


Now, what caused the problem to begin with?


Several possiblities, over zealous cleaning of registry with "registry cleaning tools", possibly a virus (not likely)... and most likely a bad patch from microsoft.


How can you keep from getting in deep dodo with this error?


Make it a habit to ensure that you make recovery checkpoints before installing new software and patches. THEN pay attention to the retrospect error logs. As soon as you see one of the -1017 errors - considering rolling back to the prior saved AND working system state.



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I'm running Retrospect 7.6.111 and I was getting the "Can't backup IIS Metabase, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)" message.


VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS showed several writers with State: Failed, so I tried Heidner's solution, but it didn't help: VSSADMIN still showed State: Failed.


So I did a CHKDSK /F on all disks and scheduled a scan on next boot, restarted, and bingo! everything is now showing State: Stable. Let's see if the Retrospect backup goes smoothly tonight.

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