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Email Alert to contain event log section

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At present, the email alert only contains information about the name of the script that has just completed successfully, for example:


Script: All Desktops
Date: 9/05/2008
Script "All Desktops" completed successfully


The feature request is to have the log extract included as well, so that at least the name of the client is mentioned, for example:


+	Normal backup using All Desktops at 21-03-2008 11:40 PM
To Backup Set NAS UNIT 1...

-	21-03-2008 11:40:05 PM: Client Desktop PC 1 expands to one volume
21-03-2008 11:40:05 PM: Copying 700Gb C drive (C:)
22-03-2008 12:14:31 AM: Grooming Backup Set NAS UNIT 1...
22-03-2008 12:36:38 AM: Groomed 14.8 GB from Backup Set NAS UNIT 1.
22-03-2008 1:22:09 AM: Snapshot stored, 327.7 MB
22-03-2008 1:23:27 AM: Execution completed successfully
	Completed: 86331 files, 14.0 GB, with 10% compression
	Performance: 284.4 MB/minute
	Duration: 01:43:21 (00:53:06 idle/loading/preparing)

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