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Win2K3 R2 Web edition compatible with 7.0.x?

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Hello. I have a license for Retro 7.0.x Multi-Server which I want to retask for a new purpose. I'd like to avoid buying the upgrade to 7.5 unless I have to. I'm configuring a new Dell rackmount system with (5) 750GB drives and since my Retro license is for Windows, I need to select from:


1. Win2K3 R2 Web Edition

2. Win2K8 Web Edition

3. Try to load an older Win2K license I have. (Although I'm not sure the hardware will work with it -- Win2K is pretty old.)


I'm pretty sure I'd have to upgrade Retro to 7.5 to use Win2008. I know the release notes for Retro 7.5 also mention "fully compatible" with Win 2003 R2. Was 7.0.x "partially" compatible with 2003 R2? What didn't work? My operating environment is that I'm backing up five Linux CentOS 3/4/5 servers and the Windows backup server itself, to disk only. I'm migrating from a tape-only Legato Networker 6.2 1.5GB AIT-1 Treefrog system.


I know the official line is "use 7.5", but what trouble would I see using Win2K3 R2 with Retro 7.0?


Thanks in advance for any advice. -Gary

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7.0 will work with 2003, but has never been tested with R2.


7.5 is needed for 2008.

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