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Wil lthis product ever mature?

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1. Run as a service


Still waiting for this product to run totaly as a backround service.


Why does this product not have a frontend / client, and a backend / server.


I understand that the software runs in a remote desktop window when noone is logged in ... but that is not a solution. I should not have to login to a server to view the status of retrospect.


Will this ever be web based, remote client, or mmc console like everything else? Why do i have to rdp into a server just to see the status of the backup.


2. Remote install


Every other product has a remote install tool, yet retrospect does not.


Yes you can deploy via group policy ... but since you use install script, the computers you are deploying to need install script 9 installed first. Install script by default can not be deployed via active directory due to its a common GUID shared between ISScript 6-10. If you deploy out retrospect via GP it will create a installer entry, and any other software that uses install script (no matter what version) will try to use the one that is in the deployment path.


For example, slingbox uses ISScript version 10, if you deploy out restrospect and then atempt to install slingbox (via a local install) it will atempt to use the //server/share/isscript.msi and not its own.




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