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Another '-' media issue?

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I'm having a restore issue. Think I know what's wrong but would appreciate your comments.


I've got a bunch of backups made over a period of years using an earlier version of Retrospect + earlier OS X + original optical drive supplied with my Power Mac G5. All the backups were made to CD-R. Using this system and media, I backed up and restored for years – no problem.


Before I upgraded my system (see 'current system' below) I tried to retrieve as much of the important old documents as possible (there were lots of them). Then, with the new system installed, I backed up again using the new software / hardware, but this time I found I had to use '+' media ('-' media would no longer work). No problem, I'm OK with that.


As you might guess, I've discovered there are some files on those old backup sets that I occasionally need. And the current system won't read those disks (and won't allow me to rebuild a catalog using those disks). I get log results like this:


+ Executing Recatalog at 3/18/2008 1:58 PM

To backup set Unit Files…

Trouble reading: “1-Unit Files†(0), error 100 (device rejected command).

3/18/2008 1:58:31 PM: Execution incomplete.

Duration: 00:00:02 (00:00:02 idle/loading/preparing)


I'm guessing that the problem relates to the current system being unable to work with '-R' media. Make sense? I'd be delighted to hear that I'm wrong and that there is a simple solution to my dilemma.


My Current system:

Power Mac G5

OS 10.4.11

Retrospect: v 6.1.126

Driver Update Version:

Optical: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112D

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There is an easy way to test your theory, and it may solve your problems too. Fortunately for you, support for the Pioneer DVR 112-D was added in RDU, which did not have the "no -R" bug/feature as the RDU and RDU do. So, I suggest that you simply revert to RDU, and you should be set. It may be, however, that your old optical media is unreadable by your new drive, whether because of differences in the drives, or because the media degraded (it happens - you need to store optical media in a dark, cold place for good life). If reverting to RDU doesn't solve your problem, and if you have the old computer still around, you might put it into Target Disk Mode ("TDM") and hook it up to the new computer by FireWire - that will make the old optical drive available on the new computer, which could eliminate the problem if it's a drive incompatibility issue. The old RDUs are available for download here:

RDU version history



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Hey Russ,


Thanks for that. I did what you suggested and Retrospect is, as I write, rebuilding the catalog that it previously could not build. And, if can read the files to build a catalog, certainly, it'll be able to retrieve those files.


Thanks much,



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Some bugs regarding DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW (DVD+R was always working) have been fixed in RDU DVD drive users should update to this RDU.

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