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Files do not compare

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I had one JPG file that had no problems running Retrospect Single Server v6.5. After upgrading to v7.5 I started getting the "File did not compare error". A week ago I installed v7.6 and the error remains.

I made a copy of the file and the copy also fails to verify. I resaved the file and the newer version verifies OK. I have no problem ditching the original (which did not compare) but I am uneasy as this may still come up with other files.

The verification method I use is the default.

Fast forward two years.

As my last post indicates, resaving the 2 files eliminated the "file didn't compare" errors.

Now I started getting the same error on 2 different JPG files. These are files that have been backed up without any problems for about 8 months and now, all of a sudden, I get the "files didn't compare" errors. The files have not been changed ever since they were placed on the server.

OS: Windows Server 2000

Retrospect: Retrospect Backup Single Server v7.6.111.

Verification Method: Default.

I can copy the files to other locations without any error messages from Windows.

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I am afraid I am also experiencing this problem on a trail copy of 7.7 for Windows we are running as a test at a client.

I am agreat fan of the MD5 Digest verification, and have used seamlessly at several of my customers. This is my first experience of this problem.

I get a simple statment that Path\file.jpg didn't compare.

On the same server during the same run I am also getting :-

An error occurred during the verification step. The MD5 digest for the file "C:\DATA\Home old do not use\benita\My Documents\nero.nrg" did not match, error -1129 ( MD5 digest mismatch)




necoIncoming: empty stream packet, tid 34 or 33


The client is MS SBS 2003 SP 2, and the Retrospect is on a separate server.


Has anyone else had this bug reappearing?



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